April 10, 2018

We have a couple of neat things to show you.

RC2 Loop

Today, we are pleased to introduce our new RC2 Mount for the Loop system. RC2 is a proprietary tripod quick disconnect system made by Manfrotto® of Italy- if you've got a Manfrotto tripod, it is most likely using the RC2 system.

RC2 plates are complex and have features designed to work across a huge variety of Manfrotto products. Making a CNC machined version required us to push our techniques and tooling to make our RC2 Mount compatible across the dozens of different clamp systems out there in the field. The end result? We think this might be our nicest bit of machining yet, but take a look for yourself:


The RC2 Loop and RC2 Mounts are available for pre-order today. The first batch is at the anodizing shop now and will start shipping in approximately 2 weeks.

The Arca Anodizing Discount

We've never held a sale here at Luma (they tend to be really toxic for small brands such as ours), but we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle - we're in love with the Gunmetal/Black colorway you see on the new RC2 mount above. We quietly changed the Universal Mount to match, but we went a bit nutty on Arca Mount production a couple of months ago, and had them anodized in the older black body with gunmetal hinge colors. While it's possible to strip and re-anodize, the results of this process are totally not up to our standards, so we're lowering the price on the Arca Loop and Arca Mount to make room for the next production batch. If you've wanted an Arca mount or Loop, this is pretty much the only time you'll see it at a discount!

The Lux

The Loop is now compatible with 95% of cameras in the field today, so now we'll be focusing on tooling up to finally make the product many of you have been waiting for: the Lux, the perfect way to carry smaller cameras. Beta units have been in the field for over a year now, and we think we've developed some unique insights into how to make carrying these cameras totally intuitive and effortless. Dozens of prototypes and iterations have been explored, and now we're preparing final production and tooling. We know a lot of our customers have been asking for this, and we couldn't be more excited to finally bring it to you.

Of course, we tend to show off what we're doing on our Instagram, so if you want some cryptic sneak peaks of the process, give us a follow.