Arca Mount


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  • Conveniently attaches to any Arca tripod clamp so you don't have to remove the strap.
  • Fold-Flat Design Lets your camera sit flat & stable when you set it down.
  • Absolutely secure to your camera, holds 500lb+, locks on with 3M Bumpon and tightens with an included 4mm hex wrench or a coin in a pinch
  • Strong. The skeletonized machining cuts weight and adds strength where it's needed. And the custom screw allows you to mount it to your camera extremely securely with the included hex wrench (and you can take it off in a pinch with the added coin slot).
  • Works with any Luma Loop Strap.
  • Premium construction for a lifetime of comfortable camera carry. CNC machined and hard anodized in the USA.