Our normal stuff, in Red.

It's time. With the Luma inbox full of requests for red hardware, we finally sent a batch of parts out to our new anodizing shop, crossed our fingers, and hoped they would turn out great.

Well, they knocked it out of the park! Deep crimson red with our new gloss battleship gray color creates a stunning contrast. These parts are gorgeous and if you've been waiting on red, you're going to love them as much as we do.

Red is awesome, but as long as 95% of y'all keep buying black and grays, luscious colors are going to stay one-off batch production type situation. Upside? That makes them special. Downside? That means you should buy now because it will be 8-12 months before the next batch!

Red Loop from $109.00
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Red Mounts from $59.00
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