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About Luma Labs

Luma Labs is a creator and maker of professional quality camera accessories. Our mission is simple. We make the best quality products we can for professional photographers, sell them for fair and reasonable prices, and support them with a no-nonsense warranty. We obsess over each and every detail of our products, test them thoroughly in the field before offering them for sale, and are constantly looking at how to improve them over time.

Our founders are James Duncan Davidson, a professional photographer, and Greg Koenig, an industrial designer. The entire reason LumaLabs exists is that one day, while listening to Duncan talk about his experiences using several different camera straps, Greg started brainstorming about ways to improve things. One thing led to another.The result is, as they say, history.

We’re based in Portland, Oregon and we believe in supporting our local economy wherever possible. We use local contractors and shops for most of our manufacturing and assembly needs and we strive to source our materials from the closest possible source. We pay a bit more for materials made in the United States, but we feel its a small way we can help reduce the impact of our activities.

We’re extremely proud of the products we make. We make what we would want to buy ourselves. It’s just that simple.