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How To Use Your Cinch

Instructions for Using Cinch

The Cinch adapts to any size SLR camera. For the smallest SLRs—such as ones the size of a Canon Rebel, Nikon D7000, or Panasonic GH3 (technically not an SLR, but much the same shape)—with small and lightweight lenses, a straightforward carry using the standard camera strap connection points is a great place to start.

For medium size SLR cameras—such as a Canon 5D or Nikon D800—or if you’re using a heavier medium or long lens, moving one of the strap mount points to the bottom of the camera allows the lens to hang with the lens against you and keeps it from flopping around. Typically, we recommend using the top-left strap mount point on your camera (as you look at the back) and a bottom strap mount point that’s also close to the left hand side.

For the largest of cameras, even more stability can be achieved by moving both straps to the bottom of the camera.

None of these rules are set in stone. Every photographer is different and each camera and lens combination will have it’s own unique character. Even so, starting with these basics you should be able to find a comfortable carry that’s secure yet comfortable.

Plate Specific Instructions

The Plate is made out Lumidium—a durable carbon-ceramic polymer which doesn’t need any special care other than keeping your camera clean. It attaches to the bottom of your camera using the standard tripod socket with an included bolt. Use the included hex wrench to tighten the bolt securely.

Two small silver screws are provided with the Plate. These are of interest only if you have a Really Right Stuff or Kirk clamp which have indents to keep a plate from sliding back and forth when they are partially open. If this is the case and you want to take advantage of this feature of your clamp, add the two small screws to your plate. Otherwise, you can ignore them.

Long Lens Recommendations

When using a long lens—such as a Nikon or Canon 70-200/2.8—we recommend that you use a PodMount attached to the tripod socket on your lens collar or foot. This helps stabilize the camera and reduces forces on your camera lens mount.

How large a lens can you carry? The Cinch and its accessories are strong enough to carry the weight of any and all professional gear. You should always follow any specific manufacturers instructions for the carry of your equipment. You should also use common sense. If your camera and lens are heavy enough that it should be in a backpack, then you should use a backpack or different means of carry.