Answers to all the ones we hear a lot.

1. Can I upgrade the Mount on my Loop to the one from the new version.

While our Slings are completely modular, with tons of interchangeablity, some parts from the newer models won't fit onto the first two versions of the Loop because they use a larger webbing size.

All of our current mounts will work on Loop 3 forward. That's the one that came with the offset mount.

If you have an older model, that predates our Carbon Nylon sliders and hard mounts, the new mounts won't fit.

2. Will your __________ fit my camera?

We do our best to test out our products on lots of different makes and models, but maybe not yours. We do have a generous return policy though.

3. Can I buy just the __________ from your product?

We sell replacement webbing and the Hard Mounts that we make ourselves. All other hardware is only available as part of a complete strap.

4. What's the difference between different versions of the Loop?

The original Loop used the same basic shoulder pad design, but was less adjustable and used a quick release mechanism and a paracord loop that attached to the camera. Version One used an ABS Plastic Buckle and version 2 used a stainless QD connector.

When we introduced Loop 3, we introduced Carbon Nylon Quick Adjust sliders and our first hard mount – the Offset Mount.

With Loop 3.5, we moved to machined aluminum D rings with a flattened profile to reduce twisting, and a lower profile aluminum rear adjuster. We also moved all Hard mount production in house with the exception of QD Swivels which are sourced from a local manufacturer.

5. What happened to the Cinch/ can I get a replacement part?

The Cinch is a 2 point strap that we sold briefly before releasing the Loop 3. It uses fundamentally different design and geometry, but was instrumental in pushing us to design Loop 3.

Because it is so different in constuction, there are virtually no interchangeable parts except for the sliders and we can't get spares of the webbing. For warranty issues send us an email.