QD Loop 3.5

Pre-Order for November Delivery!
We are so grateful that the QD Loop has become the standard for RRS and Kirk plate users, but those beautiful ALG quick disconnectors are hard to get a hold of! We've been working with ALG and have a large quantity due around the first week of November. We expect these will sell quickly with the holidays coming up, and so we are offering a 10% discount for those of you who wish to pre-order.

Really Right Stuff and Kirk plate Users, Meet your New Favorite Sling!

The modular, quick adjust, sling that attaches directly to RRS and Kirk plates with socket points. Effortless all day carry for a camera that’s locked at your side and moves fast into action. Horween + Lumalon pad melts into your shoulder for total comfort that only gets better with age.

  • New Loop 3.5 hardware with anti-twist D-rings and compact rear adjust Tri-Glide CNC milled by Luma.
  • Modular architecture for easy configuration changes, repairs, or upgrades. The only future proof camera strap made.
  • Our new QD mount is made by ALG Defense from forged 7075 AL, it is double the strength (tested to 800lb) at half the weight of comparable mounts. This is an extraordinary piece of gear not found on any other camera strap.
100% USA Made and Guaranteed for Life

The QD Loop 3.5 is built for users of RRS and Kirk plates with integrated QD sockets and has no provisions to attach to a camera on its own. Not an RRS or Kirk user? Meet our Standard Hard Mount Loops here.

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