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Titanium Plate

State of the Art Tripod Plates

The first and only tripod plates machined from solid titanium, the Luma Ti Plates elegantly challenge the notion that using a tripod requires bolting a big ugly dovetail to the bottom of your camera.

Cameras have gotten way smaller over the last 10 years, but the bulky accessories we are bolting onto them were originally designed for giant medium format film cameras nearly 30 years ago.

At a scant 4.8mm thick, the Ti Plate melts to the bottom of your camera with zero effect on handling and no tactile pressure points. Thanks to advanced FEA design and precision multi-axis machining, this is both the lightest weight tripod plate made (13g for the Offset Plate) while also being completely bombproof (literally).

The Offset Mid Ti Plate is designed for modern, full frame mirrorless cameras (Sony A7/A1, Nikon Z, Canon R platforms) where the tripod socket has been shifted towards the lens.

The new Full TIplate is a longer adjustable model optimized for larger camera bodies and the foot on telephoto lenses.

The new Micro TI is a truly minimalist plate, designed for very small cameras, and for situations when minimizing weight and size are absolutely critical.

Adheres to the RRS Dovetail specification for compatibility with all Arca style tripod clamps, including screw clamps and throw levers.

Smooth sculpted hard points accept standard webbing or lanyard connectors for a superior bottom-mount camera strap experience.

Did we mention that it's small?
43mm x 38.2mm
Thickness: 4.8mm
Weight: 13g


  • The laser cut Bumpon soft-seal locks the Offset Titanium to your camera and eliminates twist.
  • The modified 18-8 stainless screw is captive to prevent loss, meets the ISO 1222 tripod connector spec, and accepts either the standard 5/32 or 4mm Allan key for global use
Materials & Provenance:

Body: 6Al-4V Titanium (TIMET - Henderson, NV mill)
Seal: 72 Shore M Bumpon (3M - Decatur, AL plant)
Fastener: 18-8 Stainless Steel (HoloKrome - Wallingford, CT)
Hex Key: 5/32 Short Arm (Bondhus - Monticello, MN)

100% USA Made and Guaranteed for Life

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Shipping Titanium Plates

Ordering a TI plate is a little different and we'll walk you through it.
They are made to-order and will never be "in-stock"

1. When you place an order it is added to this month's batch.
2. At the end of each batch period, we close that batch and begin production.

If you order a plate, it will be produced and shipped to you during the following month. Because these plates are made to-order, this gives us time to make sure we have the raw materials and resources to create your plate and deliver it as efficiently as possible.

That means it might take up to 2 months to receive your plate, but It will be worth the wait!

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