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Titanium Plate

The Mid Offset Ti Plate is designed for modern, full frame mirrorless cameras (Sony A7/A9, Nikon Z, Canon R platforms) where the tripod socket has been shifted towards the lens. 

The new Full TIplate is a longer adjustable plate optimized for larger camera bodies and the foot on telephoto lenses. 

The new Micro TI is a truly minimalist plate, designed for very small cameras, and for situations when minimizing weight and size are absolutely critical.


Shipping Titanium Plates

We have temporarily closed orders on Titanium plates due to supply chain issues with raw Titanium

Ordering a TI plate is a little different and we'll walk you through it. They are made to-order and will never be "in-stock"

1. When you place an order it is added to this month's batch.
2. At the end of each batch period, we close that batch and begin production.

If you order a plate, it will be produced and shipped to you during the following month. Because these plates are made to-order, this gives us time to make sure we have the raw materials and resources to create your plate and deliver it as efficiently as possible.

That means it might take up to 2 months to receive your plate, but It will be worth the wait!