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November 21, 2017

Since we introduced Loop 3 in  2014, we’ve quietly been shipping the only sling on the market that can be easily “field stripped” down to base components. This has allowed us to offer different webbing lengths, easily repair damaged components, and offer a few accessories. With today's launch of the Universal Mount, we’re taking the wraps off of a vision we’ve been working on for years.

The Loop Modular Architecture transforms the Loop from a line of products into a system that can be mixed and matched to meet a wide variety of needs. Today, that means anyone who’s purchased a Loop in the last 3 years can swap out their original Offset Mount for the new Arca or Universal mount… or any one of the new mounts Luma has in development (looking at you Manfrotto and L-bracket users!). In the next few months, a slimline version of Loop will offer a lighter carry solution for modern compacts, or let an SLR user temporarily reconfigure their Loop for a night of street photography with a short lens. New accessories will let you tune the Loop to work in a variety of environments from the studio to the most remote field locations.

The vision is to make the Loop totally adaptable to your needs, your gear, and your shooting style with durable, tightly integrated components that are built to last a lifetime. This is just the very beginning - as we bring out new parts of the system, we’ll be redesigning the website and our packaging to bring you along with how this system works and how it can evolve along with you.

To make this happen, we’ve had to re-tool how Luma works as a company - building out a flexible system of components requires a new supply chain, as well as the ability to rapidly prototype and do short production runs in-house. This is why we’ve been quiet for a while, and also why we’ve been a bit delayed in shipping and service. Our customers have been amazing through this time - handling our mistakes and delays with a level of grace no company could ever ask for. We’re so pleased that what we’re working on can enhance the investment you’ve already made in our gear, and we are excited to show you where this is going!