Loop 3.5

Introducing Version 3.5 of the modular, quick adjust, sling featuring hard mount technology. Effortless all day carry for a camera that’s locked at your side and moves fast into action.

Choose our  Universal mount which is in Stock now, or new Arca Mount for preorder which we expect to ship around the 10th of November.


  • Gorgeous CNC Milled D-Rings eliminate twisting 
  • Machined Rear Slider optimized to hold position and minimize bulk
  • Horween + Lumalon shoulder pad melts into your shoulder for total comfort that only gets better with age.
  • CNC'd aluminum, Hard Mounts are the strongest sling connectors made, tested to 660lb/300kg.
  • Universal mount locks the camera at your side, with user-selectable orientation for a fast grip into action.
  • The updated version 3.5 of the Arca mount is incredibly light weight, and low profile, providing just the right amount of security, without adding bulk to your camera. 
  • Friction adjust slide on the front lets you make quick adjustments to the Loop for total stability or freedom while shooting.
  • New machined low profile adjuster on the back allows you to set the overall loop size range and have it stay put.
  • Modular architecture for easy configuration changes, repairs, or upgrades. The only future proof camera strap made.

USA Made and Guaranteed for Life